Windows Azure Review

Windows Azure: Serious Quality with a Notable Face

No matter who you are, or how little you may use the Internet on a daily basis, it’s still a safe bet that you’ve heard of the company Microsoft. As a giant in the field of technological advancement, as well as personal computing and server-based operations, no other company carries quite as much prestige or market share as Microsoft and their Windows operating system. However, Microsoft isn’t just a mega-million dollar institution serving out business systems, but remains an innovator in the field of Web technologies, including content delivery. If you’re looking for an incredibly comprehensive—and even budget—way to host your media across globe-spanning markets, you would be hard pressed to find a better option than the Windows Azure content delivery network.

A Reputation Which Precedes Itself

Understandably, a name like Microsoft will tend to draw a crowd. However, the clientele list the company supports isn’t just pomp and circumstance, but offers a real, genuine look at the kinds of services that Windows Azure has to offer. Consider the following names: NASA, T-Mobile, Boeing, GANT, Xerox, Lockheed Martin, Kelly Blue Book, Telefonica, Travelocity, and Vela Entertainment. On a minute-by-minute basis, the Windows Azure network is ferrying information and content for these companies around the globe, meaning that each multi-million dollar name in that list entrusts its Web-based livelihood in Microsoft’s hands on a daily basis. This might not come as a surprise, but what exactly is it about the Windows Azure network that draws such prestigious interest? To begin with, the superior quality Microsoft has to offer starts at the network itself.

Every content delivery network worth mentioning titles itself as a globe-trotter, claiming to offer a presence in each and every market square, regardless of the region. However, few providers can offer as much breadth as Microsoft: The Windows Azure network comes guaranteed with 24 individual edge connections located strategically in markets around the world. These world-class data centers can be found in every Internet-ready marketplace, including North America, Europe, South America, Asia, and Oceania. Not only that, but with such a heavy presence across so much of the world, you can sleep easy at night knowing that your media is arriving to your end-users with increased speed, lower latency, and increased satisfaction. But how is this possible?

Market Proximity

In essence, what Windows Azure offers is market proximity. With traditional web hosting, your server of origin—where you house all of your precious web media—could be located in California, whereas most of your consumers may live in the UK. With such a gap in distance required to transfer Internet data, your end-users will very quickly find themselves swamped by high latency and long load times. To combat this, Windows Azure brings your content to the user, caching your media across all 24 of its network connections. When a request is made for your media, a complex chain of connectivity protocols is called into action. These algorithms immediately map out and deliver your content with unprecedented efficiency, ensuring that your consumers are satisfied with the way your content is delivered. In essence, Windows Azure offers you and your board security in speedy delivery.

Streaming Media? Azure Has You Covered

This even includes support for high-quality and large-style streaming media. Are you a media-rich company looking to take your videos and streaming content into new markets? If so, then Windows Azure is the ideal solution to manage your materials. As the originators and pioneers of Microsoft’s Silverlight streaming platform, there is no better way to integrate your existing Silverlight media into a content delivery network. Windows Azure is built from the ground up to accommodate large and complex high-quality data, and guarantees unparalleled delivery. Never again will you have to worry about loss of integrity or lengthy load times, as the content delivery experience offered by Windows Azure ensures your media arrives to the end-user exactly as you intended it.

And best of all, with Windows Azure you are only charged for the services you actually used. In contrast to other content delivery providers, who charge large monthly overheads, Microsoft will only bill you for the data your network share actually transfers. All in all, this makes Windows Azure an unbeatable bargain, as well as a fail-safe way to expand your network presence.

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