TeliaSonera Review

TeliaSonera: Global Integration with Europe in Mind

Hundreds (if not even thousands) of content delivery networks promise to help your content reach the masses via a global network of interconnected servers and point-of-presence locations. They tout their network size and prowess, but what they don’t tell you is just how little connectivity or stability their hardware can actually support. Furthermore, what if you’re only looking to firmly establish your Web media in a single market, such as heavily populated Europe? All in all, if you’re in need of a high-quality content delivery network with an emphasis on global appeal through the European continent, there is no better option than TeliaSonera, one of our choice CDN providers.

Worldwide Content Distributor

As stated, TeliaSonera is easily one of our top picks for worldwide and accelerated content distribution. However, we aren’t the only ones to have noticed the company’s superior quality. So before we dive into the technical details that make us recommend the provider, why not list some of the multi-million dollar institutions that have already signed onto the stellar network offered here? Among some of TeliaSonera’s more notable clients includes: Blizzard Entertainment, MTU-Intel CJSC, DANTE, Tellcom, Fastweb, Turkcell, Yoigo, Reneriet AB, Metsäliitto Group, and Vägverket. Each of these corporations trusts their European content delivery with TeliaSonera on a day-to-day basis. So what is it about the service provider that draws such high dollar interest?

Top-Shelf Quality

In short, it’s the absolute top-shelf quality of the network within the European market. All together, TeliaSonera boasts more than 100 point-of-presence locations within the continent, spanning almost 200 cities in 35 unique countries. However, their network breadth is not solely limited to Europe, but also expands into North America and Asia as well. What this means for you is solid, unbeatable service within the continent, as well as additional Web footprints in exotic markets to enhance your product expansion. Each of these data centers and server banks are connected via a total of 43,000 kilometers of high-quality fiber-optic line, to boot, maximizing security and stability across the entire spectrum. However, TeliaSonera is certainly not the first organization to offers such a widespread network load. So what is it about the provider that draws all of those multi-million dollar clients? In two words: Sole proprietorship.

Self-Owned, Self-Propelled

Within a typical content delivery network, most of the cabling is not owned by the service provider itself, but by a conglomeration of several CDN companies. Most content delivery specialists rely on a complex, and insecure, web of partnerships and deals to acquire network extensions, meaning they do not completely own their own network. In comparison, TeliaSonera is the sole manager and operator of all 43,000 kilometers of its cabling, guaranteeing the highest quality in performance, security, and efficiency. What this means for you is lower load times, decreased latency, and the absolute highest data protection for each and every one of your cached content pieces. In addition, because TeliaSonera is the only owner of its hardware, their tech specialists understand the network like the back of their hands. Should any problems arise with your CDN services through TeliaSonera, you can rest assured that their dedicated team of technical assistants will have a solution quickly, and without a loss in up-time or performance.

This excellence in support and capability is best exemplified through the company’s track record and performance statistics. Among the content delivery networks we have researched (and there have been a few) no other provider can boast a 99.999% availability guarantee. This means that virtually all of the time, without fail, your content is available on the Web for your customers to reach. Better yet, with a 0.1% packet loss rate across TeliaSonera’s entire network, the chances of your files becoming corrupted in flight are next to none. All in all, this translates to faster load times, increased stability, and absolute assured quality for all of your content, no matter where the origin of request might be.

At the end of the day, there’s simply no better service to choose when looking to expand across Europe, and the world. TeliaSonera is an industry leader in technology and performance, making them the ideal solution for your content delivery problems.

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