Telecom Italia Sparkle Review

Telecom Italia Sparkle: Unprecedented Breadth and Control, Pound by Pound

Today’s modern content delivery network isn’t concerned with streaming media or large-type content over a secure, traditional network. It has instead shirked this level of protection for the infinitely unsecured and perilous realm of cloud-based networking. With so many content delivery services jumping ship to land amongst the peer-to-peer based hosts and non-proprietary IP backbones, where is the concerned businessman to go with his vast amounts of media-rich Web content? And what if that media comes with necessary and protective digital rights management? If you’re in the neighborhood for truly stellar, unmatched and dedicated large-media acceleration, there’s only one provider that can handle your needs and do it with grace: Telecom Italia Sparkle.

From the ground-up, we trust the provider with our large and streaming-based content repositories, day-in and day-out. We have a number of time-tested reasons for doing so, but before we dive into the specific technological achievements the provider has accomplished, let’s first simply discuss network breadth.

Robust Cache Repository

In terms of size and global presence, almost no other content delivery provider can offer bit-by-bit performance to match Telecom Italia Sparkle. The company supports an impressive network of some 80 points-of-presence spread across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. This network capacity clocks in at almost 1,100 gigabytes per second, allowing for a tremendous amount of server strain, even for peak hour transfers and unexpected periods of intense transfer strain. Not only that, but with server banks and data centers located in over 18 unique countries, Telecom Italia Sparkle is certain to have a cache repository within the market you require, no matter the region.

Streaming Media Focus

That being said, it isn’t just size or network presence that attracts us to Telecom Italia Sparkle. Instead, we’re most impressed with the company’s industry-leading focus on large and streaming media production, especially at low latency levels. From the ground-up, no other network can delivery blow-by-blow performance to match where large filetypes and high-density streaming are required. As mentioned, the sheer network capacity Telecom Italia Sparkle supports allows for an unmatched amount of bit transfer, even during periods of high strain. However, the company has also taken great strides to ensure your media is preserved and stored in all of its worldwide markets.

As soon as your content is pulled from your origin server, it is immediately stored in a cached format on Telecom Italia Sparkle’s nearest data hub. This carbon copy provides a secure and stable backbone that then delegates your media to all other data centers along the network. With each step, Telecom Italia Sparkle has optimized its transfer technology to ensure your bits are preserved, and that no integrity is lost due to file transmission. This means that, no matter where your content ends up, it is guaranteed to be in the highest possible condition, even at the end-user location.

Low Latency – Fast Delivery

And best of all, this delivery is performed with some of the quickest load times and lowest latencies in the business. This is made possible by a complex system of networking algorithms that immediately determine the most efficient mapping possibilities as soon as a content requests hits the servers. No matter where the end-user might be, Telecom Italia Sparkle’s technology is engineered to quickly route, map, and deliver your media from the servers closest to the request. What this means for you is lower load times, increased delivery speeds, and more satisfaction for the end-user.

We’re also extremely fond of Telecom Italia Sparkle’s unprecedented level of sophistication in terms of digital rights management. The company has worked hand-in-hand with Microsoft Silverlight to integrate the streaming platform within its network. Because of this partnership, Telecom Italia Sparkle is also prepared to support all Microsoft DRM systems, ensuring the safety and security of your content across the entire network span. This means that, no matter what level of sensitivity you require, Telecom Italia Sparkle is fully capable of matching, or exceeding it. Never again will you have to worry about the integrity of your content, even as its being sent halfway around the world. And to us, that is superior performance.

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