Tata Communications Review

Tata Communications: Global Presence with an Innovative Touch

Finding the right content delivery network to meet your needs can yield a difficult situation. How does the business-minded web master ensure that his content doesn’t become stuck in one market, rather than finding a home the globe over? Without proper points-of-presence placed in a wide spread across international markets, there is no real gain, even with a content delivery network in place. This means that, unless your delivery provider is capable of supporting truly global infrastructure, you’re paying for little gain, and lots of headaches. If all of this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s time we introduced one of our choice and favorite content delivery systems: Tata Communications.

Proven Technology

Tata Communications has proven itself over and over, supporting an impressive track record across decades of innovation. However, we aren’t the only ones to have noticed. In fact, if you’re looking for testimonials, one only has to take a glance at the provider’s hefty clientele list. Some of the more notable companies to take advantage of Tata Communications’ network include: Showtime, NBC, NDTV, TV5 Monde, Vimeo, IAHGames, NetEvents, Lehren TV, IGF, IISC, and Mysore Dassara Festival. Each of these multi-million dollar institutions trusts their content day-in and day-out with Tata Communications. But what is it about the company that draws such high-dollar attention? Let’s take a closer look.

Points of Presence

From the ground up, Tata Communications is wired to be different, starting in terms of simple, physical size. In all our research and investigation, we have hardly seen a company that supports so wide a network as Tata Communications. With some 400 total points-of-presence (a sum more than ten, or even twenty times that of most competitors), the company provides one of the most global IP backbones in the business. This comes in conjunction with server placement spanning more than 200 unique countries. Each of these local servers is, of course, tied to a larger central hub called a data center. And with processing centers in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, your content is guaranteed delivery no matter where the origin of request may be. It also goes without saying that each and every inch of Tata Communications’ network is supported by the highest quality fibre-optic line, delivering your media securely and with the maximum in hardware efficiency.

Innovative Network

However, Tata Communications isn’t just a simple hardware wonder. The company has also taken great strides to improve and renovate its routing navigation over the years, creating a technology system that now rivals any and all competitors. This is accomplished by avoiding complex cascading DNS mapping entirely. Instead, the company has opted for a more efficient (and innovative) network protocol component. Their extensive IP backbone behaves in the same way as a top-shelf CDN should, providing repositories for cached content the world over. However, this massive tank of cached media avoids inefficient routing complexity in favor of BitGravity driven core competency and core Layer3 protocols. All in all, this means more efficient load times for you, as well as a satisfied end-user base. When your content arrives quicker, your consumers are happier, and your brand benefits. The math is simple, even if the software behind the technology is not.

We also greatly appreciate the strides Tata Communications has taken to integrate modern needs into its veteran system. As files become larger, and the need for high-quality streaming media becomes even more apparent, the provider has worked hard to integrate high-definition video content into its framework. Tata Communications offers a myriad of content delivery platforms for delivering large-density content, including video streaming, dynamic web applications, gaming console data, and others. In essence, no matter what sort of content you need delivered, and no matter where you need it delivered, the provider has both a method and a plan that will meet your needs to the letter.

At the end of the day, simply no other content delivery network can provide as much bang for your budget. Tata Communications includes one of the largest, highly stable, and most efficient IP backbones around, powered by modern methods and innovative thinking. If that doesn’t sound like a bargain, then we don’t know what will!

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