Peer1 Review

Peer1: Trusted, Secure, Impressive

In the modern age, there seems to be more and more of an emphasis on tin bells and whistles. With cloud computing taking over the Internet, as well as Web streaming and heavyweight media, it sometimes seems as if budget-pricing has taken the forefront, rather than performance. And as more small-time productions, such as blogs, personal sites, and social networking venues take the front page, how is a web conscious business owner to securely, efficiently, and effectively expand into new markets via content delivery?

If you’re looking for a secure, viable, and top-notch option for your content delivery that doesn’t sacrifice performance while cutting costs, there’s no better choice than Peer1, one of our choice and favorite content delivery networks.

Network of 20,000 Global Servers

Peer1 is a top-pick for several reasons, but first and foremost, we are blown away by the company’s sheer network breadth. Several CDNs out there offer a wide network, but how many can boast a whopping 20,000 servers worldwide? Add to this a total of more than 13,000 miles of high-quality fiber-optic cabling, guaranteeing secure connectivity between server banks. In addition, Peer1 also operates 21 points-of-presence across two different continents, with 16 data centers in a total of 13 cities. All in all, if you’re looking for a comprehensive way to expand your web content into North America or Europe, there’s no larger or better option than Peer1’s comprehensive networking solutions.

Complete Ownership of the Network Delivers Performance

But as mentioned, several other CDNs out there can offer similar, if not entirely equal, network loads. So what is it about Peer1 that makes it the ideal solution for a security-minded webmaster? To cut to the chase, it’s the impressive sole proprietorship of the network by the company itself.

In comparison to many of the provider’s competitors, Peer1 owns one-hundred percent of its network potential, controlling every square inch of those 13,000 miles, each individual data center, and each and every server bank. What this means to you, the primary consumer, is guaranteed security and performance, no matter what end of the network you’re drawing from.

Because Peer1 owns its hardware itself, it is capable of improving, innovating, and securing connectivity across the entire span of its presence. Never again will you have to worry about losing up-time or performance due to a failed partnership or rescinded business deal. Likewise, you will never have to concern you or your board with unsupported technical issues. Peer1 is always on top of its own network, making it the ideal candidate for a webmaster that requires the maximum in network security.

It’s this assurance that draws so many heavyweight Internet bodies to the provider, including such mammoths as BlastRadius, Vonage, PlentyofFish, Dogster, LANDFLIP, MeFeedia, MarineCFO, Northeastern Blackout, and Lavalife. Each of these million-dollar corporations trusts their content on a day-by-day basis with Peer1, forming one solid recommendation in our eyes.

Industry Experience Translates into Performance

But it’s not just sheer size and sole ownership that set Peer1 apart from its peers. It’s also the provider’s track record, as well as its extensive network experience. What other CDN can boast a solid decade of sole ownership and management in the realm of content delivery? Peer1 is one of the few content delivery providers to offer solid, technological experience over a long period of time. Should you decide to sign with the provider, you have full access to their vast bank of delivery knowledge and experience. If you encounter any problems with your content caching or acceleration, you can rest assured that Peer1 will have the comprehension and capabilities necessary to resolve the issue quickly and without any loss in performance for your site.

Continuously Updated Technology

However, Peer1 has not been resting on its laurels all this time. Instead, the company has made great strides in advancing their network and hardware to meet modern demand. Though the provider benefits from its prestige, it has also worked to integrate current market demands into its technology, including peer-connectivity, high-quality streaming media, and heavyweight file management. If you require extensive support for large cached content, or media streaming no matter the file type, Peer1 has the knowledge and future-minded plan to meet your needs.

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