NTT Communications Review

NTT Communications: Making Global Content Truly Global

Within the world of content delivery systems, the term “global” is thrown around like candy. Every network provider wants us to believe they have the only true global network, or the only hardware system capable of delivering media to the entire world. But with so many names vying for the title of world wide distributor, how is a global business owner or webmaster to find the providers that actually offer such wide-net services? In the jungle of corporations, who really provides a comprehensively expansive content delivery network? To keep things short: NTT Communications.

In all of our research, we have yet to find a more globally minded company than NTT Communications. The company offers a unique focus on the worldwide market, delivering quality features, excellent hardware, and unprecedented support for any regional market one could hope to expand into.

Incredibly Impressive Global Network

This begins with the provider’s stellar network, which features 15 impressive data centers across Europe, Asia, North America, and Oceania. Altogether, when the total capacity of this system is combined, those who choose to sign with NTT Communications can benefit from an impressive 493 gigabyte transfer load. In summary, NTT Communications’ strategically placed points-of-presence guarantee a visible touch for your web content in any and all parts of the world.

Focus on Asian Markets

However, we’re particularly impressed by NTT Communications unique dedication to Asian markets, as well as areas with particular Web media restrictions. The provider is a leading network distributor within Japanese markets, offering its services to such companies as Japan Meteorological Agency, Odakyu Electric Railway, and Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo.

NTT Communications also has extensive support and experience working within government requirements in China. With over 5,000 completed projects in Chinese borders, NTT Communications is an ideal provider for those looking for a smooth transition into the area. Never again will you have to worry if your media meets code, as the company will work with your existing content, transferring, translating, and reorganizing it within their network to immediately begin providing it to your Chinese user base.

Stability in India

If you’re looking to expand to areas with frequent physical complications, NTT Communications also has an extensive experience base for you to draw upon. For example, the company has taken great strides to support unprecedented content delivery within the country of India. In a regional district where power outages are frequent, NTT Communications has built a comprehensive power grid and network that’s capable of riding out complications. Your content is safe from downtime within the area, guaranteeing your users the media they need without interruption.

NTT Communications will also work to integrate your existing media with its regulation-compliant hardware within India. Considering the availability and management of technological hardware can be complicated in the country, it’s a vital and simple choice to use the network’s impressive track record working with available materials.

Backup Drives Prevent Downtime

No matter the principality, NTT Communications has also taken great pains to remove downtime from their hosted content across the entire globe. Using extensive and solid connections with regional storage caches, the company ensures that your content is always secure on a backup drive. Should the primary unit fail, the provider has enlisted the use of various, locally-based fail-safes to preserve the integrity of your content. This means your customers will never be without your sites or streaming media, guaranteeing your presence in each of NTT Communications’ plentiful markets.

IPv6 Technology Delivers Ultimate Security

And best of all, using the company’s intelligent, modern, and innovative IPv6 technology, all of your server data is preserved behind a wall of cached storage. By placing your media on tens of thousands of servers across the globe, your origin server and Internet integrity are one-hundred percent safe from brute-force hacking techniques. Never again will you have to worry about the safety or security of your board’s livelihood, as each and every portion of your empire is kept behind a wall of redundancies, fail safes, and protective server shells.

All in all, there’s simply no better way to host your content in a truly global sense than with the services, hardware, and features offered by NTT Communications. The company provides an unparalleled hosting experience within any and all markets, and with flexible technology and tier-based pricing schemes, it also ensures a plan to meet your needs.

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