NetDNA Review

NetDNA: Making Content Delivery Personable Again

In the business of content delivery, it seems like everyone is going to extremes. Either you get next to no real acceleration for your basic, static content, or you’re required to sign onto a hefty contract with many more services than you’re likely to ever use. Worst of all, if you’re working with a mega-millions content delivery network provider, you aren’t likely to be receiving the kind of personal customer satisfaction you’d prefer. The best most of us can hope for is a dedicated technical assistant, and even then, how is a savvy webmaster to accurately meet the needs of his specific server problems? The only answer that we know of is NetDNA, a cost-effective and customer-dedicated content delivery network.

Personal Service with a Big Network

As a company, NetDNA is certainly smaller than most, and it offers a much wider spread in customer base. The provider offers its services to companies across the entire spectrum of Internet use, including static-based single websites, as well as multi-million dollar enterprises. However, no matter who is yanking on the pipe, all of the content that NetDNA delivers comes guaranteed by a network that’s anything but small time.

Strategically Located Processing Centers

The proprietary network that NetDNA offers its primary consumers features processing centers strategically located the globe over to provide the broadest and most secure possible connectivity map. With a total of nine separate logistical hubs in the United States, as well as one center in Europe, NetDNA is capable of masterminding all of your delivery needs with maximum efficiency. Each of these edge network locations supports a whopping 10 gigabytes of processing power, supporting tens of thousands of network connections a piece, even during peak hour demand. The NetDNA network also features a latency of an extremely low 10 ms.

Scalable Connectivity

However, where customers require even more connectivity, NetDNA strives to provide. The network allows users to draw from its partnership with Mzima and Packet Exchange, which includes a network of some 600 peer-based connections. This level of integration supports an additional 10 gigabytes of network drain, as well as a full terabyte of data transfer and packet exchange. All in all, for a company that offers small-time personal service, NetDNA’s edge-network is anything but small-time.

Meets Your Specific Needs, Small or Large

However, what we appreciate most about the provider is its dedication to offering the widest possible feature spread. No matter what your specific content needs are, NetDNA works hard to offer a package that caters to your condensed desires.

For example, the network allows its primary consumers to offer accelerated content on a file-by-file basis. Should you not desire an entire site acceleration, you can still make full use of the NetDNA IP backbone while only delivering specific pieces at increased speeds the globe over. However, should you require an entire static-content web acceleration, NetDNA will organically integrate your media content into its connectivity, delivering the whole kit-and-caboodle at unprecedented speeds. Either method features industry-leading content caching services, based around intelligent IP routing that accurately maps and manages your media no matter where the origin of request comes from.

However, NetDNA doesn’t just stop at traditional static content routing. As a competitive leader in the realm of content delivery innovation, the company also strives to deliver a comprehensively modern experience for its primary consumers that require more raw power and invention. Should you need high quality video streaming on a global stage, NetDNA is more than capable of complying. The network allows its users to draw from its extensive peer-based partnerships, bringing the utmost in end-quality to your end-users. This breadth applies to all forms of streaming media as well, no matter what the file type or requirement.

Support for All Devices

Best of all, NetDNA is also fully capable of supporting modern Internet-capable devices, such as mobile phones, top-box sets, and game consoles. Should you require streaming support or content delivery to these innovative areas, the content delivery provider is at the ready with a budget-oriented plan to satisfy your market growth. All in all, with stellar service, a personable touch, and comprehensively impressive networking solution, NetDNA is our top-pick for content delivery on a global scale.

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