Mirror Image Review

Treat Yourself to the Mirror Image Experience

Are you looking for a quality way to host, cache, and deliver your web content, expanding your market presence while maintaining the uniqueness that makes your company valuable? Do you want a CDN provider that will pay attention to you specifically, giving you the treatment you and your business deserve? Would you also like that level of quality to come compounded with above-average technical support, one of the best edge networks in the business, and the utmost in reliability and performance? If you answered yes to any of those, then we have a treat for you: Mirror Image hits the mark on all points, and provides a comprehensive, cost-effective, and personable way to market your content the globe over.

We’re already fans of Mirror Image, but we aren’t the only ones, we promise! In fact, some of Mirror Image’s more notable clients include: Pacific Sunwear, Bose, Lego, REI, Home Shopping Network, Boston.com, NECN.com, WHDH, and Careerbuilder.com. If you’re much like us, then you were likely impressed by at least one name on that least. However, Mirror Image is not some elitist group that only caters to established, multi-million dollar corporations. No, the provider has made a name for itself for a number of reasons, most notably its network breadth and strategic server placement.

In terms of sheer size and location, Mirror Image offers one of the most comprehensive networks around. The provider’s custom-tailored Content Access Point network supports a whopping 23 networking centers spread across North America, Europe, and Asia. Each of these locations has been specifically chosen to best meet the needs of Mirror Image’s customers, providing content quickly no matter the origin of the request. This means that, in terms of sheer network capacity and performance, Mirror Image is already a clear choice for the choosy business owner.

However, lots of larger content delivery networks can boast an impressively commanding network: What makes Mirror Image any different in the long run? Or, at least, what’s in it for the eager business manager? The answer: Truly wold-class intelligent routing.

Unlike a lot of providers, Mirror Image has built its network from the ground-up to provide the absolute least overhead and fastest response times. No matter where requests may come from, the provider’s network will not only route and serve web media on a speedy basis, but will also intelligently cache content on the front-end to preserve lag time. By using a combination of advanced algorithms, peer-based networking, and top-of-the-line innovation, Mirror Image has managed to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes for your content to move from the edge network to the end-user.

Because Mirror Image’s network is largely peer-based, it comes with several other benefits, as well. Most notably, those who choose to sign with Mirror Image can enjoy an unlimited amount of storage space. There are no caps on cached content with the provider, meaning the primary consumer is free to post as much, or as little, content as they please. Best of all, Mirror Image works with you, the consumer, to integrate your content. No matter if you’ve got a page loaded to the gills with static content, or a whole site composed of dynamic web apps, Mirror Image will help you get your media to the world as cheaply as possible.

And once stored, you can rest assured that your content will never be off the radar. The network Mirror Image supports is one of the most scalable in the world, allowing for constant uptime, guaranteed speed, and absolute performance even during the heaviest of peak periods. Your content is supplied when needed, meaning it will be delivered during the heat of the moment in droves, and then scaled back to save energy during periods of lower demand. This technology improves performance across the board while saving you money: A bonus if we’ve ever heard one, to be sure.

Best of all, Mirror Image comes with twenty-four hour, seven days a week technical support that will aide you with any and all problems you may have. It’s just another cherry on top of a content delivery experience that’s industry-leading, rock-solid, and above-average no matter the price range. Mirror Image earns our full recommendation, as well as our gratitude.

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