MaxCDN Review

Reliable CDN service, designed to suit all bandwidth needs. With 16 points of presence (POPs) strategically located around the globe, MaxCDN has more than enough edge connectivity.


16 edge locations in premium data centers
North America, Europe, Asia, Australia
10GB connections
$0.079/GB (USA & EU traffic)
30-day money back


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Advanced Features

Speed, security, reliability and customization – everything you need to be successful.

Control Panel Yes
Realtime Reporting Yes
Origin-Pull Yes
Push Yes (upload to CDN servers)
Gzip Yes (handled by CDN)
Custom CNAMEs Yes
CMS Plugins WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more

Simple Pricing with High Performance

Designed to suit all bandwidth and price needs. From 100gb to 350tb+, MaxCDN costs are some of the most competitive in the industry. Starting as low as $9/month.

Starter Plans

100GB 500GB 1TB 5TB
Bandwidth 100 GB/mo 500 GB/mo 1000 GB/mo 5000 GB/mo
Websites 2 3 5 7
Additional Websites $12/year $12/year $12/year $12/year
Custom SSL $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo
Secure Tokens $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo
Paid Monthly $9/mo $39/mo $79/mo $299/mo
Paid Annually $7.50/mo $32.50/mo $65.83/mo $249.17/mo
Annual Savings $18 $78 $158.04 $597.96

High Volume Plans

10TB 50TB 150TB 350TB
Bandwidth 10 TB/mo 50 TB/mo 150 TB/mo 350 TB/mo
Websites 10 25 50 100
Additional Websites $12/year $12/year $12/year $12/year
Custom SSL $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo
Secure Tokens $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo
Paid Monthly $499/mo $2560/mo $6144/mo $12544/mo
Paid Annually $415.83/mo $2133.33/mo $5120.00/mo $10453.33/mo
Annual Savings $998,04 $5120,04 $12288 $25088,04

Reliable CDN Service with High Peering Capacity

MaxCDN’s servers are strategically located worldwide and have direct reach into over 90 countries. 16 edge servers in premium data centers with best-in-class SSD-powered hardware for increased speed and reliability.

North America: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Virginia

Europe: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London

Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo

Australia: Sydney

MaxCDN: Keeping a Small Business Owner in the Picture

In all of our researching the various content delivery options available, we can’t help but come away with the feeling that most providers consider themselves some kind of elite option worthy of only the highest pedigree of content. With astronomical prices, complex coding integration, unusual techniques, and absolutely zero support for third-party software, it’s as if being an industry-leading CDN requires you to snub your nose at the developing webmaster.


However, not all content delivery providers are the same, as evidenced by the quality option that is MaxCDN. If you’re a small business owner looking to expand your content across the globe, you do have an option in MaxCDN that won’t slash your budget, won’t require you to change your content from the ground-up, and won’t treat you like a second-rate customer, to boot.

A Proven Track Record

As a provider of content acceleration services, few names carry as much lineage or as long of a track record as MaxCDN. The company has been with us since virtually the beginning of content delivery technology, paving a way for the modern innovations that are now taking effect. As such, MaxCDN still draws in high-dollar business, as well as a laundry list of important clients—even with a focus on the small business and developing website. Among some of the company’s more notable clients are: BrokersWeb, BuySellAds, jQuery, TemplateMonster, and User Voice. Each of these trust their livelihood across the globe with MaxCDN. But why is this? What is it about the company that makes it such a powerful option? From the ground up, the quality that is the MaxCDN experience begins with the company’s hardware network.

Uncompromised Quality

Lots of providers claim to have a truly global presence, but with a whopping network capacity of over 10 gigabytes, MaxCDN can actually lay a claim to such service. This level of data transfer capacity supports a nearly unprecedented tens of thousands of connections per second, and all with a lossless packet transfer guarantee: This means that, no matter where your content is headed, it won’t be compromised during the move. Never again will you be forced to wonder if your end-users are receiving your data exactly as you intended it. With MaxCDN, you can rest assured that all of your content is marked “fragile,” and that each and every byte arrives as it was meant to.

With 16 edge locations around the globe (plus 56 peering partner locations), MaxCDN has more than enough edge connectivity to keep you at the cusp of any and all markets. This network also comes supported by a staggering 500-plus peer-based data centers. These cloud-oriented control points allow MaxCDN to expand your data even further into the world market, providing yet another layer of content delivery for your customers to draw from. All in all, if you’re looking to expand into markets the globe over, there’s no better option than MaxCDN.

Dedicated to Your Success

However, it isn’t just a network size, strength, or bandwidth that we appreciate in MaxCDN. Rather, it’s their dedication to meeting the small business and start-up web operation where it stands. No other provider offers a full terabyte per month of transfer data for only $79 USD. That’s an incredible amount of transfer—that makes full use of the MaxCDN network—for far less than the cost of a single dedicated server.

In addition, no other provider that we can name is half as willing to work to integrate your content, sans troubles. Where most content delivery solutions might require you to rework your site from the ground up, changing code to meet their rigorous requirements and policies, MaxCDN instead comes to you. The provider is fully capable of working with most budget web hosts, including Amazon EC2, RackSpace, RackSpace Cloud, VPS, Media Temple, and Softlayer. MaxCDN is even willing to integrate your existing small-scale content delivery solutions into its network performance: This includes such options as WordPress CDN, a platform common to personal web owners.

Quite simply, if you’re looking for an unbeatable CDN experience at an unbelievable price, there’s no higher quality option than MaxCDN, especially where customer satisfaction and smooth integration are concerned.


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