Liquid Web Review

Liquid Web: Advanced Technology and a Corporate-Ready Framework

What does one look for in a content delivery network? It’s an important question, and if you’re unaware of some of the advanced features you should be looking for, not only will your business suffer, but your end-user satisfaction may take an unwanted dive for the worst. That being said, knowing what to have in your content delivery solution can easily be summed up in only a few words: A stellar network to build from, quality performance that tailors to your needs, and unbeatable global presence.

However, these qualities might be easy to list, they’re certainly hard to find, especially all under one roof! Thankfully, though, we’ve got a quick and ready solution to help you out, in case you’re still stuck on the fence as far as signing a content delivery network. If you’re looking for quality with a corporate emphasis, there is no better option than one of our favorite content delivery providers, Liquid Web.

Liquid Web Statsitics

Liquid Web doesn’t even need to boast about its accomplishments on its own, as its extensive and impressive clientele list does the talking for it. So before we dive into a few of the specifics that we enjoy most about the provider, let us first give you some of the bare statistics concerning the company: In 2011, Liquid Web rendered its services to 19 of the world’s top-20 Telecom corporations. In addition, they also cached, distributed, and managed the content of 4 out of 5 top US Wireless providers, 9 of the top-10 US ISPs, and an entire host of US top-tier cable companies. Now, we understand that numbers themselves may not speak volumes, so let us translate very quickly. With so many top-shelf and high-standing telecommunications companies signing to Liquid Web, it’s obvious that the provider’s network is resting on a higher plane than most, offering superior delivery, unbeatable performance, and unprecedented corporate integration.

Meaningful Connectivity

This level of excellence can also be seen in the company’s network spread, which begins with an impressive 35 caching locations stored across the globe at strategic locations. These edge connections provide immediate and meaningful connectivity to world markets and are compounded by an additional 4,000 servers located at mid-way points in-between. These extensive server banks are even clustered in heavy hitting Internet demand areas, such as North America, Europe, and Asia. That isn’t to say that Liquid Web has forgotten about the rest of the world, though. All in all, no matter what corner of the global market you’re looking to expand to, Liquid Web has services to match in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Best of all, Liquid Web isn’t just expansive with its networking, but also incredibly efficient.

Speed of Service

The Liquid Web network makes use of some of the most technologically advanced and up to date algorithms in the business. The minute your content is stored to their origin server, it is immediately cached and routed to the nearest edge connection for immediate presence in your “local” market. From there, an almost instantaneous chain of reactions occurs, sending your media to all other data centers along the network chain, as well as a host of intermediary points. When end-user requests come across the pipes, so to speak, the Liquid Web processing centers create an entire network map for the IP destination of choice, delegating the request to the nearest caching point for speedy delivery. Liquid Web also supports a unique chain of middle man servers that will be used, should they be closer to the end-user, ensuring your media arrives with no latency and the utmost in end-user satisfaction.

And best of all, Liquid Web offers one of the most scalable and dynamic server systems in the world. Should you need to upgrade or improve your network performance in the future, the provider has a readymade plan to make your expansion a reality, as well as an unbeatable platform of cloud servers dedicated to maximizing scalability. Regardless of the region, network strain, or server load, you can rest assured that your media is being delivered with lower load times, increased speeds, and maximized end-user pleasure.

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