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If you’re like us, you like to see an impressive list of features in each and every purchase you make. Whether you’re buying a car, a house, a new phone, or just a new detergent, you want to be sure the product you’re investing in comes with the maximum amount of “bang” for your bucks. Not only do we support your frugality, but when it comes to content delivery networks, we feel you should be rewarded doubly for your consciousness. With that in mind, we’d simply like to offer up one of our favorite web acceleration providers for your review, a company we feel provides the absolute best feature set for the most cost efficient price: And that provider is Limelight Networks.

No matter what you’re looking for in a content delivery network, Limelight’s unique, tri-based service package offers a solution to meet your needs. This is made possible through the company’s rigorous and comprehensive LimelightDELIVER, LimelightSTREAM, and LimelightEXCHANGE package sets. Each of these points delivers a different conglomerate of industry-leading acceleration techniques that are guaranteed to up-the-ante on your web media. But before we dive into the specific points of each that make Limelight the complete package, let’s start small—or large, depending on your point of view—with the provider’s basic, hardware network.

In terms of sheer size and scalability, Limelight offers an unprecedented IP backbone for consumers to draw from. Featuring some 4000 servers at 54 unique points-of-presence the globe over, there’s more than enough bandwidth and storage space around for your content. Not only that, but Limelight also throws in 800 global access networks and 18 regional content delivery locations centered in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Each of these technological hubs has been strategically placed for the maximum efficiency in IP routing and network mapping. This means your content arrives quickly to each request, no matter the geographic location of origin.

If you’d still like a few names to attach to this network, we’ve come prepared. There are some 1500 companies that put their Internet lives in the hands of Limelight every day, but chief among these clients are the following: Amazon Unbox, Xbox, the Dallas Cowboys,, Lonely Planet, ITV Play, Dreamworks, and Electronic Arts. These notable and trustworthy names in their fields entrust the health of their Internet presence with Limelight day in and day out, and if that’s not a recommendation, we don’t know what is!

But with name dropping and technical jargon aside, what does Limelight really offer with each of its three core services? Starting from the top, we have Limelight’s award winning LimelightDELIVER service. This package leverages the weight and heft of the provider’s IP backbone to cache, deliver, and manage user data. Regardless of file type or orientation, the company’s servers integrate seamlessly with existing content to cache individual data points, and then deliver those points intelligently through advanced IP routing. And with an extensive array of cloud-based peer-to-peer connections at Limelight’s disposal, users are guaranteed the utmost in up-time and end-user satisfaction.
Best of all, Limelight offers a unique dedication to new and innovative device types. The LimelightDELIVER service ensures that content is optimized and delivery efficiently to such varying devices as traditional desktop PCs, set-top boxes, game consoles, and even mobile handsets. This means your content is guaranteed a delivery, no matter what source calls for it.

Secondly, the LimelightSTREAM service provides an absolutely rock-solid way to deliver streamed and heavyweight content to your users. If you need a guaranteed solution for streaming video formats, regardless of coded, Limelight’s experience and expertise will help your media reach its endpoint, and faster than the competition, too.

Added to this is the final piece of the puzzle, Limelight’s LimelightEXCHANGE service. This software suite allows consumers a firsthand look at the on-the-fly market dynamics and content requests as they roll in. From a single control panel, consumers are free to analyze and quantify real-time data points, gaining a unique perspective on time, location, and frequency for each and every content request that comes down the pipes.

At the end of the day, Limelight translates into real results that come with a rock-solid reputation and a transparent, business-friendly face.

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