Level 3 Communications Review

With annual revenues of over $6 billion, Level 3 Communications provides a full suite of content delivery network (CDN) solutions by offering their clients customizable services. Through the combination of customization and a pioneering “Footprint” IP backbone, users can take advantage of their affordable services and avoid expensive capital investments.

Advantages of Level 3

Level 3 offers several advantages through their CDN services. First, the system utilizes caching, streaming and storage to ensure customer needs are fulfilled, even during random traffic spikes. Second, the network has the ability to meet server demand during peak hours up to 220 gigabytes per second for lengthy periods of time. Third, the content delivery solution supports all business needs throughout the content development and distribution cycle.

Fourth, Level 3’s Vyvx solution gives clients a robust platform to stream live video events. Vyvx links customers directly to one of the world’s largest occasional video networks and features a widespread footprint created to prepare customers for end-to-end transmission across major marketplaces around the world. This service also activates enhanced hi-definition and standard-definition switching, allowing clients to transfer video feeds between two local loops.


With 78 data center facilities across the United States and Europe, Level 3 Communications is #19 in the world’s 20 top telecommunication companies. In the United States, Level 3 is one of the top 5 wireless service providers. Additionally, in Asia, the firm is #3 of the top 4 telecommunications providers. Operating on a Tier 1 network, the company provides IP, voice, video and content delivery for most carriers in North America.

Products and Services

Being one of the top telecommunications companies in the world, Level 3 offers a variety of products and services including:

  • Data and Internet services
  • Voice services
  • Video services
  • Managed and value-added services

Data and Internet Services

There are several products in the Data and Internet category. These include the Converged Business Network, Internet solutions, Private Lines, Rural Internet Access, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Wavelength.
The Converged Business Network allows companies to maximize their telecommunications solution by combining services across a single access circuit, which gains operational efficiency and flexibility. Internet services are critical to any business, and with Level 3, customers do not have to worry about performance, since the company is ranked by Renesys as one of the world’s most connected Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

To effectively transfer data from one point to another, private line services are the key. The Level 3 Private Line service permits voice, data and video transfer with their SONET architecture. Providing Internet to rural customers can sometimes be a costly challenge, but with Level 3’s Rural Internet Access services, customers in underserved areas of countries can be given service.

To deliver a VPN to its customers, Level 3 utilizes a dedicated Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) infrastructure as a foundation to run any application and provide security. Finally, the Wavelength service is run on a DWDM network, which allows for bandwidth-intensive applications to be high performing with a low latency.

Voice Solutions

Voice solutions include the standard local and long distance calling services. Local calls are completed using voice-over-IP to provide top-notch service. Other options include ISDN-PRI, Local inbound, SIP Trunking and VoIP Enhanced services. Long distance service operates on a network that currently carriers over 8 billion minutes of voice traffic each month, with over 80 million calls per day.

Video Services

One method of reliably transferring video across the Internet is through Level 3’s CDN, which delivers high-quality, rapid delivery of content. The network offers bandwidth, global connectivity, security, control, scalability, reliability and performance. The Vyvx services offer live digital video streaming across Level 3’s dedicated video network.

Managed and Value-added Services

Although there are many managed and value-added services, the most popular include colocation services, dark fiber and managed security. Colocation solutions allow customers to host their equipment in Level 3’s data center. The Dark Fiber option gives customers the benefits of network ownership with the requirement of constructing and managing the physical network. Finally, managed security provides a managed firewall and DDoS protection.

Level 3 is one of the major players in the telecommunications industry and a top CDN provider to major organizations across the globe. With so many comprehensive services, many organizations continue to flock to their networks.

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