Internap Review

Founded in 2000, Internap has developed a rich history within the content delivery network (CDN) industry due to their close relationship with Adobe and ability to develop the first Flash video streaming platform. Internap was also the first provider to deliver live and on-demand streaming video services through Flash.

Internap’s network has a large capacity, excellent global coverage and technical expertise to distribute content, regardless of the equipment. Internap has the ability to assist any business with meeting their requirements utilizing a comprehensive set of products and services.


Internap provides a world-class, enterprise-grade CDN solution to over 3,000 customers, with the most prominent being Atari, HBO, Hewlett-Packard, Hyatt, Microsoft, Motorola, Oracle, Reuters, Sony, Ticketmaster and Toyota. These customers are supported by 35 data centers worldwide, 8 of which are owned, with the other 27 being partner locations.


One of the greatest advantages of the Internap CDN is that the network allows clients to upload content in a single format that is then converted to be available on the appropriate device. Most other CDNs require customers to upload their content in several file formats to ensure it can be read on many devices. Through a single upload on the Internap network, end-users can view the content on iPhone, iPad, Android and through software players like Adobe Flash.

Another benefit is that Internap is a single-source information technology service provider with a variety of products in their portfolio. Also, all data centers are SAS 70 Type II facilities which offer the best-in-class performance, availability and support. Additionally, the network delivers proprietary intelligent route-optimization technology fully supported by industry-leading, proactive SLA and world-class customer service. Furthermore, all connections are reliable and resilient.

Products and Services

Internap provides a complete spectrum of information technology infrastructure solutions to meet the changing requirements of the modern company. These services include:

• Enterprise IP
• Colocation

Enterprise IP

Through their exclusive Private Network Access Point (P-NAP), customers are able to leverage the power of several Internet service providers (ISPs) to provide optimized, reliable performance at an affordable price. Also, built-in to the Internet latency solution is the Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO), which finds the best data routes through the Internet. As a result, the route-optimized CDN provides the power to deliver digital assets at superior speeds.

Customers have the ability to utilize up to 11 major carriers simultaneously while the network routes around any issues found on a specific carrier’s network to ensure consistent network availability. While monitoring performance across all carriers, Internap traffic is sent across the best performing network at any given moment for any digital transaction.


Backed by a world-class CDN with live and on-demand streaming services for Adobe Flash, HTTP streaming for iPhone and iPad and streaming services for Windows Media and Microsoft Silverlight, the network has the capacity, coverage and expertise to distribute content regardless of the device. Also, the user only needs to create a single file, which will be automatically compatible on the most popular devices. Furthermore, adaptive bitrate adjustments are applied to all video thus optimizing the stream for their specific bandwidth.

Internap provides whole site delivery which is a scalable, high-performance content delivery solution that optimizes distribution of object website content to clients around the world. The Internap CDN is the optimal choice for education institutions and technology, live events and broadcasts and training courses.


An ideal solution for any business that requires flexibility, stabilization of capital and risk reduction, Internap’s collocation services allow a company’s servers and equipment to be stored in a secure data center with an established Internet connection. Internap currently offers this service for companies located in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, New York, Seattle and Northern California.

Internap is a major player in the CDN industry, with many data center locations to support all the requirements of their customers. Internap leads the way with their single-file uploading format that is converted by the network to fit almost any device. This innovative thinking has allowed them to become a trendsetter in the CDN industry across the world.

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