Highwinds Review

Highwinds: Best On the (CDN) Plains

What makes a content delivery network great? Is it the sheer size and quality of the physical network itself, where service is measured in points of presence and data centers? Is it global impact, where a universal face that spans several continents is a must? Or perhaps it’s in software innovation. I mean, honestly, what good is an antiquated content delivery network that doesn’t offer cloud-based computing or intelligent IP routing? Thankfully, with Highwinds, one of our favorite picks for content delivery, there’s no need to pick: The provider scores high on all counts, offering an unprecedented level of quality that’s guaranteed to meet and exceed all of your content delivery needs.

Don’t believe us? We understand. Without a little more information, whose to know if Highwinds isn’t just another CDN pitching itself against the horde of similar competitors? However, before we mention a few of our choice reasons why Highwinds gets our goat, let’s first explore who actually employs the provider to manage their web media. Topping the list of Highwinds’ clients are Technicolor, Castfire, and Virgin Media, each of which need massive amounts of content to function, and need it delivered quickly to the end-user. So what is it about Highwinds that draws these multi-million dollar institutions to its shores? If we had to guess, we’d say it first starts with the provider’s network itself.

In terms of sheer size and functionality, Highwinds offers one of the most comprehensive edge connections anywhere. Sporting a whopping 24 points of presence in North America, South America, and Europe, the company is strategically situated to offer total coverage to peak demand locations. Added to this is a network of some 700-plus peer-based connections. In total capacity, this integration of cloud computing and traditional server hardware creates a network load of over one terabyte, as well as approximately 500 gigabytes in content delivery capacity. In other words, Highwinds offers simply one of the largest and stablest networks around, making it an ideal cut for any business need.

However, in the areas where its primary-consumers find Highwinds lacking, the provider has allowed for the integration of other content delivery networks into its own RollingThunder hardware strain. If you feel, for whatever reason, that another CDN is required to meet your needs, Highwinds will provide you with the resources and tools necessary to track that third-party network alongside its own primary production. No other company we’re aware of plays this nicely with its neighbors, making Highwinds the ideal solution for those that require two, three, four, or even five content delivery networks to get the job done.

All of this information is served up under the main umbrella that snags our interest with Highwinds: That is, the provider’s industry-leading and unmatched analytics tool, StrikeTracker. If you require a convenient way to track content delivery information and analyze your network demand the world over, there is no better option anywhere than StrikeTracker. The software suite comes standard with each Highwinds account, and offers a transparent look at the real-time call for each and every content piece, regardless of location. No matter if you’re looking to improve market share, appease the board of trustees, or just satisfy curiosity, Highwinds’ unique and proprietary set of analytical software will satiate your desires.

In fact, in terms of business, Highwinds even offers a Private Line Ethernet service that will extend the presence of your local or wide area network regionally, nationally, or even internationally. This unique service allows you expand your extant corporate network into new areas securely, and with the smoothest possible transfer. Highwinds is willing to accommodate all kinds of media, and will work around both your static and dynamic web content. At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a streamlined way to host your industrial network across the globe there’s only one name you should be considering: Highwinds.

All in all, combining the best of an impressive network, cutting-edge technological advancement and refined software integration, Highwinds is a no-brainer for the budget-oriented and forward-looking web master. No matter if your needs are analytical, performance-based, or privately corporate, Highwinds has a plan and pricing scheme to meet and exceed your needs.

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