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EdgeCast: Superior Service and Industry Experience At the Ready

We don’t like to beat around the bush, so we’ll try to get straight to the point: If you’re reading this, it likely means you’re having a lot of trouble with your website’s global optimization, or perhaps even with your existing content delivery network. You’re tired of the down-time and the lag, and without wanting to waste another second, you’ve wandered into our knowledgable halls looking for a solution. Thankfully, we have a recommendation ready to go, just for you. And it’s EdgeCast.

There are lots of providers out there that promise quality features, increased server speeds, and lower latency, but no other company on the market manages to offer all three with half as much reliability as EdgeCast. The provider’s unique dedication to superior hardware and software makes it the ideal candidate for the concerned businessmen, or even just the blogger looking to deliver their content posthaste to a new global audience.

Regardless of the situation, it’s worth noting that EdgeCast already services some of the largest names in the entertainment business. Those companies that have been optimized by the provider to delivery their web content quickly the globe over include: Lionsgate Entertainment, CBS Interactive, March Entertainment, EMI, Jama, Yahoo!, IMAX, Blip.tv, and WordPress. To say the least, the provider comes with a red carpet appeal, but if that’s not enough to sway your budget (We know it wouldn’t be for us!) let’s dive into some of the more in-depth reasons why we feel EdgeCast is the finest solution to any CDN problem. Starting with:

The Innovation

When we mentioned earlier that EdgeCast is leading the charge for innovation in the field of content delivery, we really did mean it. Through a combined retinue of software and hardware upgrades, EdgeCast has refined and improved their network to the point that it can now supply content up to 25% than its competitors. How is this possible? By use of the EdgeCast EdgeDirector. This industry-leading piece of software has been optimized from the ground-up to use fewer point-of-presence servers, instantaneously routing content requests to their appropriate cached or peer-to-peer repository without any of the load times that other CDN provider’s so often suffer from. By making the most of proxy relations and IP routing, EdgeCast has managed to create a completely inventive and wholly impressive piece of software-hardware integration.


Speaking of innovative networks, EdgeCast is unique in its ability to remain flexible, sans a sole proprietary IP backbone. The company manages its point-of-presence network on-the-fly, increasing servers and area control as needed in order to meet the demands of its consumers. This level of managerial control ensures that the network EdgeCast uses is the most up to date of any competitor, as well as the most strategically placed. All in all, this adds up to better content delivery, increased end-user satisfaction, and lower costs for the primary consumer.


That, however, isn’t to say that the EdgeCast network is lacking in any way. The provider is fully capable of competing with any of its peers, supporting an edge network that’s comprised of 21 points of presence spread across four different continents. Each of these locations has been specifically chosen for its strategic value, as well as its ability to delivery content to the widest number of users. Not only that, but each of these data centers taps directly into an even more expansive net of 1150 user-controlled Web areas. These peer-to-peer resources are vital to the company’s increased speeds, and help to reduce origin server load to a tremendously impressive low.


And the best of all, EdgeCast is completely scalable and cloud-ready. With such a solid finger in the world of peer-to-peer computing, the provider is capable of offering services that increase to match high demand, while scaling back to save money and energy during low stress periods. This technology not only increases the speed with which content is delivered, but reduces the consumer’s price at the pump (to use a metaphor). And in our eyes, any innovation that can lower our budget without cutting performance corners is a right winner!

5 Responses to “EdgeCast Review”

  1. Dallas

    I’m looking for a CDN provider and based on Cloudclimate’s CDN speedtest http://www.cloudclimate.com/cdn-speed-test/ it looks like EdgeCast is the fastest for me in Australia, so that’s exciting. I can’t find any info on price to compare with other providers such as Max CDN: can you advise on that please?

  2. John

    JodiHost has cooperated with EdgeCast as an reseller. try their.

  3. Vick

    Nowadays Edgecast is a top-performing CDN network. It’s the leader of the industry and provides all possible services to make websites of its clients perform as fast as it’s only possible. Undoubtedly speed of a site is on of the most important things, because there is such a big competition in the internet that if a website runs a bit slow a user will leave it for a competitor.
    Edgecast’s network spans the globe, with SuperPOPs (points of presence) located on five continents. So it means that any content from images to live streaming events the end user gets from a SuperPOP that is the closest to his location almost instantly and with the highest quality.
    It’s obvious also that speed of a website is one of the crucial characteristics that affects a website’s rankings in a search engine. So using a CDN can greatly improve a website’s position in all search engines that means more loyal users and thus more revenue.
    There is a big competion among CDN providers, of course. But as EdgeCast’s SuperPOPs are strategically located at the center of the world’s fastest data interchanges, they are able to deliver more content with less overhead than other CDNs.
    The only minus is that buying services directly from this CDN network requires a long-term contact and quite an expensive minimum commitment. So if a potential client doesn’t want to get a long-term contract he can use a proud reseller of Edgecast, JoDiHost.com that provides all available Edgecast’s services on a “pay-as-you-go” model at a really competitive price.

  4. David

    Edgecast is good but nobody compares to Akamai for sheer scale. Plus they are the only ones to offer 100% uptime as an SLA and also offer 100% SLA on performance.
    Superpops are good and all but imagine being in every tier 1 and tier 2 ISP’s POP globally?? Yup, only Akamai!! over 180,000 edge servers!! The claim from Vick that Edgecast are the leader in the industry? How can you be the leader when Edgecast is ranked third?

  5. Christian

    Let me summarize what happened here in the last 3 months, after being an Edgecast customer for several years:

    * 3 months ago, the Edgecast CDN systems started to have serious availability issues, without any changes being made on my end that would cause these issues.

    * It took them 3 (!) months to get the tech troubles sorted on their end. I had to escalate the situation multiple times to get heard by anyone.

    * In the process I’ve got replies from about a dozen different techs, and with each one of them I had to start over explaining the whole situation again and again.

    * Within that stressful period, their errors caused additional charges of almost $2000 for me for traffic that I wouldn’t have needed without those errors.

    * When I asked my senior account manager if Edgecast would be willing to compensate me for those fees in any way, she said I should rather be happy that the tech support hours on their end wouldn’t be charged to me. (!) Can a response be any more arrogant?

    * I proposed switching to a different product that would solve your errors, but their account manager wanted me to pay additional fees of 500 per month (to get their stuff fixed).

    * I proposed multiple times to just cancel the contract to resolve the lockdown situation for both sides, but their staff refused to even negotiate about that.

    * I ultimately asked for the representative’s manager’s name to escalate the issue to a higher level, but she actively refused to provide that information twice.

    The behavior and attitude of these Edgcast representatives is totally unacceptable. They are clearly not interested in getting happy customers. In my opinion they are just after signing a possibly long contract and don’t give a sh.. about you afterwards.


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