Cotendo Review

Cotendo Brings CDN Software To New Heights

So, you’re finally ready to expand into a new market with your web-based business, and you’ve been scouring the block looking for ways to decrease your site’s latency while increasing it’s draw. You’ve discovered a little something called a content delivery network, and after doing a little homework, you now feel you’re ready to sign to a CDN provider. However, no matter how long you’ve been looking, you’ve likely realized that the world of content delivery networking is cluttered, messy, and often a little muddy. There are more providers than can be stomached, added on top of a mountain of different features. With all of this data and muck floating by, how is anyone to pick the best from the rest? With a little help from your friends, of course!

In the world of content delivery, no one company is doing more to increase innovation in latency reduction than Cotendo. The provider has made impressive technical leaps in its services, and because of this dedication to progression, we’re going to go ahead and recommend you give the company a good, hard looking over. We have a feeling you won’t be disappointed, and may just be sold for life!

We like Cotendo for any number of reasons, but as stated, we’re most enamored with its drive to perfect its own technology. The intelligent lads at Cotendo have opted to take a slightly different approach to content delivery than most, and we’ve been drooling over their progress the whole way. You see, in a traditional CDN rig, all of those IP requests must be managed by a massive network of servers. The size of these networks are designed to “spread out the load,” reducing latency at the server of origin by delegating cached content to users in their own area.

Cotendo offers a very similar service, but with a few important differences. Firstly, the lads there have reduced the size of their physical network in order to better focus on their software readiness. By increasing the complexity and efficiency of their routing technology first, Cotendo has been able to reduce the need for massive networks of interconnected servers, replacing it instead with supremely intelligent digital routing.

This service is umbrellaed under Cotendo’s “Cotendo Unity Platform.” This platform operates by using a highly efficient proxy delivery and intelligent server software, an algorithm capable of managing and coordinating thousands upon thousands of data requests in the blink of an eye. Each entry is quickly and efficiently routed to a point-of-presence server somewhere in the world, but without the need for endless server mapping or redistribution. By working in this way, Cotendo has been able to cut hardware costs while still boosting efficiency, saving you (the consumer) bank while guaranteeing the utmost in industry-leading performance.

Alongside their server-side software sets, Cotendo also offers an above-average suite of analytical tools. These tools come stock with each and every Cotendo account, and can be accessed to view a wide range of statistical data. If you’re looking for a convenient way to observer traffic flow during peak hours, the Cotendo software suite has you covered. Likewise, it has never been easier to adjust your Web market strategy than with a quick glance at your Cotendo control panel.

However, all of this is not to detract from the fact that the company supports one of the most comprehensive and reliable server sets in the industry. With point-of-presence servers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, Cotendo is more than capable of delivering your content to your end-users, no matter where in the world they are.

Cotendo is also an industry-leader when it comes to cloud-based integration. By utilizing a complex network of peer-to-peer computing, the company has increased their overall efficiency to a truly staggering level. Not only that, but with cloud-based content delivery, you are guaranteed a perfect up-time.

All in all, with cloud computing, software expansion, and hardware security at the forefront, there’s simply no better way to host or deliver your content than with Cotendo’s excellent series of services. The company is a spearhead for innovation in the world of content delivery.

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