CloudLayer Review

CloudLayer: Innovation with a Budget Pricing Scheme

No other word gets our attention quite like the word, “Innovation.” In terms of modern computing, innovation directly equates to increased performance, hardened network up-time, and unprecedented support for modern streaming formats and videos. To put it simply, innovation is the bread and butter that makes our job—Internet and content delivery analysis—so rewarding. And in all our research and reviewing, we have yet to find a content delivery provider that offers even half as much support for forward-thinking as CloudLayer, the content delivery option provided by the industry leading hosting company SoftLayer. If you’re looking for an unbeatable way to delivery, secure, and enrich your media, we’d be hard pressed to recommend anyone other than CloudLayer to get the job done.

Built from the Ground Up

The excellence in services that CloudLayer offers begins at the ground level, starting with the provider’s network. We have heard many a claim to global network breadth, but few can offer quite as much support for heavy hitting Internet areas as CloudLayer. The company boasts a total of 21 globe-spanning data processing nodes, strategically placed in North and South America (15 total data centers) Europe (2 total edge connections) and Asia (a sum total of 4 data processing centers). This level of network spread provides an unbeatable framework for your business to grow on, delivering your media with the utmost in performance and reliability no matter where the origin of request may hail from. To put it simply, no matter what market you or your board is looking to expand to, CloudLayer has a data center and pricing scheme to match your needs. And best of all, because CloudLayer has partnered with the industry leading network provider Internap, those who choose to sign with the content delivery network will benefit from the continued server expansion allowed by the partnership in the years to come. Innovation—there’s that word again—is just around the corner with CloudLayer.

Stability Offers Peace of Mind

However, it isn’t just network presence that draws our attention to CloudLayer, but the increased stability our content enjoys, as well. By deciding to sign with the provider, you will immediately ensure the 100% up-time and security of your media, regardless of where the content may be cached. This is because of the technology that lies underneath the CloudLayer experience. With traditional web hosting, all of your media is kept at a single location. During peak demand hours, when potentially thousands of requests are being made for your content, it is this single computing source that must manage and deliver all of your data. If left unchecked, this level of stress can cause down-time, or even total system failures. However, with CloudLayer on deck, your media is stored at literally thousands of points across the globe. As such, peak demand hours are nothing to the network, as the SoftLayer IPv6 and intelligent IP routing technologies at play automatically determine a network map for requests that reduces strain and improves performance. Never again will you be forced to worry about the security or latency of your media during periods of high stress. With CloudLayer, all of your data is secure, safe, and delivered on time.

And best of all, CloudLayer is easily integrated into your existing networks and media. We imagine that at this point you’re likely asking yourself, “Why should I bother with a third-party’s network, when we could potentially expand our own private stock into the global sector?” The answer is really quite simple: Integration and improved performance are only one low monthly price away, making all other options pale in comparison. Rather than spending thousands of dollars to purchase new hardware, hire professionals to outfit the new rig for optimized delivery, and move the unites into place, why not instead sign your media to CloudLayer, which offers immediate assurance and results? The transition from proprietary connectivity to content delivery network takes a matter of hours, and will be facilitated entirely by CloudLayer’s professionals. To sum up the transitioning experience, neither you nor your employees will need to lift a finger to fully integrate and improve your Net presence, as CloudLayer does all the heavy lifting.

All together, CloudLayer is a truly unbeatable source of innovation, and is a guaranteed bet to meet any and all corporate content delivery needs.

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