ChinaCache Review

Founded in 1998, ChinaCache has become the leading provider of enterprise-grade CDN service in China. Customers can expect a full solution with regards to the distribution of content through the Internet. ChinaCache is the first licensed CDN provider by the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry. Since being established, the country has deployed 350 service nodes in 80 cities throughout China.

Currently, ChinaCache controls 75 percent of the Chinese CDN market while maintaining excellent relationships with national providers due its high-speed fiber optic cables. Therefore, the service automatically scales to adapt to the traffic spikes while reducing the load placed on origin servers. This significantly improves web page response times, completion percentages and file availability for end-users.


With over 75 percent of the Chinese market, ChinaCache supplies solutions to over 200 companies, including big-name corporations like Mozilla, MySpace and the 2008 Olympic Games. To service these organizations, ChinaCache currently has over 10,000 operations servers and 350 service nodes in more than 80 cities.

ChinaCache Advantages

As the only provider to receive a permit from the Ministry of Information, ChinaCache has the ability to reach a large number of individuals and businesses throughout Asia. Therefore, the company boasts a giant regional customer base. Also, the company utilizes several high-speed fiber optic links with the United States, resulting in an extremely fast intercontinental connection.
Products and Services

ChinaCache boasts several products and services to its customers including:

• Download
• Managed Internet data services
• Streaming
• Website acceleration


As the Internet evolved, the downloading of videos, game installation packages, software, patches, photos and music have become extremely popular. However, with more individuals on the Internet than ever, it can be difficult to download large files quickly and securely. However, with ChinaCache’s HTTP and FTP download acceleration services, users can tap into the power for the fully-owned network to experience rapid downloads.
Those who utilize this service will have the ability to transmit the content to the network’s download center. Then, the content will be distributed to designated CDN nodes programmed to download. These nodes are specifically configured using an optimization strategy and smart routing that sends the information to the servers closest to the user. The result is a stable, fast and smooth transferring experience.

Managed Internet Data Services

ChinaCache built many state-of-the-art data center facilities in strategic locations to support the changing requirements of businesses. These locations and Internet exchange services have supported the needs of leading corporations for more than ten years. ChinaCache has four data centers in the United States, which provide access to many networks, an Internet exchange and multi-lingual remote technical support.

The company’s primary goal is to ensure reliability by providing some of the best security around. Safety, security and monitoring are the best ingredients for a reliable network. Environmental control monitoring, alerts and a dry pipe fire suppression system are available at all locations. Also, around-the-clock security management and server monitoring are also common features of ChinaCache’s data center facilities.


With the rapid growth of streaming video content on the Internet throughout all industries, ChinaCache provides many forms of information streamed daily to global audiences. Through the network, clients will have the ability to stream live and on-demand video and audio to their users. By partnering with Adobe, Microsoft and other multimedia platform providers, ChinaCache can stream media in the most popular formats.

In fact, streaming media is one ChinaCache’s greatest strengths. The provider has streamed some of the largest events in China, such as the 2008 Summer Olympics. Additionally, ChinaCache streamed live coverage of many of the festivities surrounding the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 2009.

Website Acceleration

Delivery of content into and out of China has been a challenge due to poor interconnection and latency issues, in addition to complicated rules and regulations. Therefore, with ChinaCache’s website acceleration service that utilizes caching and dynamic delivery technology, static and dynamic content can be quickly distributed to end-users in China and around the world.

Since ChinaCache holds 75 percent of the market, they continue to expand their customer base and add innovative technology to assist with latency and connection issues with other countries. As the provider continuous to grow, better technology will ensue, thus expanding their customer base.

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