CDNetworks Review

As the world’s third largest and Asia’s first CDN, CDNetwork delivers unsurpassed technology to ensure the quick, secure and efficient delivery of content and applications across the Internet to end-users. The company currently features over 100 full service POPs within 52 cities globally. This allows for their services to reach a global capacity of over 1,100 Gigabytes per second to its clients.

Their services offer perfect balance of technology and operations to fit the demanding needs of any organization. Also, speed and reliability are the primary focus due to their SMART Caching technology, which caches the most commonly viewed content and data to the servers on their global network. Therefore, information can be quickly retrieved and sent so the user has the data in a split second. This, combined with an incredible computing experience, makes CDNetworks difficult to compete with.

CDNetworks provides services to over 1,100 globally-recognized organizations around the world in a variety of categories, including gaming, media and entertainment, social networking and software and technology. With more than 100 POPs globally, the majority of customers are always in close proximity to a server.

CDNetworks Advantages

With the SMART Caching technology, CDNetworks is able to ensure content and applications are delivered quickly to the user by transmitting the information most frequently requested by the users to cache servers installed on the global network. Therefore, during times of even the heaviest traffic spikes, the caching technology accelerates the content for a quick and smooth delivery.


CDNetworks delivers web performance solutions to any company or individual around the globe, thus helping to expand operations without the expense and management requirements of creating a data center. CDNetworks is so cost effective, they not only appeal to large multi-national corporations, but also small businesses. Most startups and regional groups find CDNetworks to be less expensive than in-house server systems.

Speed and Flexibility

Since performance is a regular business practice, CDNetworks improves the speed and reliability of content delivery while managing traffic surges during peak hours. Acceleration services, mixed with flexible business models, allow its customers to focus and improve upon their businesses.

Customer Support

CDNetworks focuses on providing the best customer service experience available to clients and end-users. With around-the-clock, worldwide customer support, CDNetworks is unmatched. Support teams with many technical experts are staffed at three Network Operations Centers (NOCs) in California, Korea and Japan around-the-clock. This staff monitors and manages traffic on the network across all POP locations to ensure efficiency of the capacity and eliminate any issues.

Industries Served

As one of the largest CDNs, CDNetworks services a number of industries including financial services, healthcare and life sciences, media and entertainment, on-demand applications, social networks and gaming, software and technology, retail and consumer goods and travel and tourism.

CDNetworks Solutions

CDNetworks offers a variety of solutions to its clients including:

  • China Acceleration
  • Cloud services
  • Dynamic Network Acceleration
  • Web Performance Suite

China Acceleration

For those that have end-users in China, but hosting in the United States or Europe, web pages can take up to 30 seconds for a Chinese visitor to load. However, with the China Acceleration service, clients can expand their reach and increase revenue by connecting the emerging online Chinese marketplace with no slow loading times.

Cloud Services

CDNetwork has effectively tapped into the cloud computing market by offering cloud storage, cloud Domain Name System (DNS) and a cloud load balancer. The storage of all online content can be effectively stored across an infinite number of digital assets. The cloud DNS feature allows for the management of a cloud-based global DNS service that is secure, scalable and high-performing. The cloud load balancer allows customers to specify content delivery policies without compromising performance.

Dynamic Network Acceleration

The Dynamic Network Acceleration (DNA) solution is an acceleration service that allows organizations to scale and accelerate browser and non-browser-based applications transmitted across an SSL-VPN using innovative acceleration techniques. This feature solves performance problems emerging from the Internet’s “middle mile,” which results in fast and secure remote-user access.

Web Performance Suite

The recently-developed Web Performance Suite integrates a variety of web performance tools to accelerate web content delivery. Since all features within the suite are integrated, optimization occurs at all levels resulting in CDNetworks being the fastest platform available.

CDNetworks has many innovative features that have made them one of the largest, most trusted CDN providers in the world. These solutions combined with affordability will allow them to grow exponentially in the future.

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  1. Kim Lewis

    Hello – Thank you for your very well researched review of CDNetworks – . I’d like to provide an update on the information you provide regarding our POP counts. In the first paragraph you mention that we have 8 POPs in 52 regions. We actually have over 100 POPs in 52 regions that span 6 continents.
    Thank you!


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