CacheFly Review

CacheFly is one of the fastest, most reliable CDN in the industry. There are no long-term contracts required as with many other CDN providers – all plans include a 30-day risk free trial.


41 edge locations worldwide
North & South America, Europe, Asia, Australia
TCP Anycast-based CDN
$0.29/GB (Global traffic)
$99/month minimum payment

CacheFly CDN

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A leader in TCP anycast CDN technology

TCP-anycast technology and infrastructure offers the fewest network hops and the fastest file throughput performance. CacheFly global footprint consists of over 40 Points of Presence (POP) in over six continents to deliver your content the FASTEST.

Plus Premium Platinum
Included Storage 1000 MB 2000 MB 4096 MB
Instant Activation
Access to Raw Logs in Real-Time
Delivery from 40+ Global POPs
Real-Time Reporting
Comprehensive Access Controls
24/7 Unlimited Support
SCP, SFTP & rsync Uploads
Protected URLs (md5 shared secret)
SSL (* certificate)
Multiple FTP Logins
HTTP/HTTPS to Origin
Reverse Proxy/ Customer Origin
Instant Purge
100% Uptime Guaranteed

Simple and Affordable Plans

All plans start with a free 30-day trial. Easy integration and instant activation.

Plus Premium Platinum
Included Transfer 256 GB/month 1200 GB/month 2048 GB/month
Instant Activation Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Unlimited Support Yes Yes Yes
100% Uptime Guaranteed Yes Yes Yes
Free Trial 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Price $99/month $299/month $409/month

Ultra-Fast Worldwide Network

CacheFly servers are strategically located near the Internet’s major peering points, allowing you to place your content closer to your end-users, giving you more efficient delivery of your files.

North America: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York, San Jose, Seattle, Toronto, Washington DC

Europe: Amsterdam, Bucharest, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw, Helsinki, Lisbon, Prague, Vienna, Zurich

Asia: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo, Jakarta

Australia: Perth, Sydney

South America: Sao Paulo, La Paz

Middle East: Istanbul, Doha

Africa: Johannesburg

CacheFly: Superior Content Delivery at an Above-Average Price

CacheFly CDN

If you’ve been looking for a content delivery network to accelerate your corporate Web structure, you may have suddenly found yourself up against a seemingly impenetrable stumbling block. That is to say, you may have noticed that the choice in a content delivery provider is often one between a budget-oriented pricing plan and performance that will really matter to your market preference. However, it doesn’t actually have to be this way. You can in fact acquire stellar media acceleration performance without breaking the bank (or your board’s trust). The solution is simple, if we may make a small suggestion: and that solution is CacheFly.

Client Roll Call

CacheFly has long been a presence in the realm of content delivery, offering above average service for an unusually long time, at least in the business of content acceleration. During this time they have acquired a truly impressive list of clients, including such mega-million dollar companies as Virgin Gaming, Honda, Toyota, Rogers, Adium, Cartoon Network, Bank of America, Adobe, Budweiser, and LG. Even better, we could keep the list going, but if some of those names don’t strike you as a recommendation, we aren’t entirely sure what will. It’s also worth noting that CacheFly’s oldest customer (Trillian Instant Messaging) was signed in 2002, and has remained (satisfied) ever since. However, we understand that mere name-dropping isn’t going to be enough to sway you or your tight Web budget. So, with that in mind we’d like to offer below a few more advanced thoughts on why we’re so enamored with CacheFly and its content delivery experience.

Market Presence

First and foremost, we’re floored with the company’s sheer market presence. No matter what location you’re looking to expand into, the provider has a point-of-presence server to meet your expectations. In terms of sheers statistics, CacheFly boasts a content delivery network composed of 12 total edge network connections located in major cities across the globe. These locations span such heavyweight continents as North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. But to summarize the CacheFly network itself, no matter where your company would like to expand to, CacheFly is an easy solution to meet your target market. Their extensive global presence is more than enough to competently deliver your content, and we guarantee you won’t find your Net presence lacking in any market you should choose.

Impressive Guarantees

In addition, CacheFly guarantees both speed and up-time across the entire span of its network. How fast is fast? You might be wondering. If so, we’d just like to point out that CacheFly is capable of delivering your media at speeds of up to ten-times that of traditional single-location hosting. This is made possible by the complex network of interconnected servers that CacheFly uses to deliver its cached media. Rather than storing all of your data at a central point, as in traditional hosting, CacheFly creates a copy of your content as it is posted to your origin server.

This copy—or cache—is then instantaneously sent to all other edge connections along the network. These centers are then used to send content to your end-users as its requested, in real-time. This not only guarantees that your media is being delivered with lightning quick efficiency, but also that it arrives with a 100% assured up-time guarantee. Because your media is kept at hundreds of individual locations around the globe, there’s simply no way in which your content will “go down,” or disappear from the Net. So put those down-time concerns to rest, as with CacheFly, you’ll never again be without your Web presence!

And best of all, you won’t have to worry for a second about adjusting your web content to meet CacheFly’s standards: The company is 100% willing and capable of adding your content to its network without complex coding changes or optimizations. No matter what web host or web development platform you may be using, CacheFly has the technology necessary to cache, store, and distribute your media. This not only saves you time and energy, but it also potentially saves your budget by not having to call in a specialist’s help. And, of course, it also makes the process of adding content delivery optimization to your site instantaneous and immediately gratifying.

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