BitGravity Review

Founded in Burlingame, California in 2006, BitGravity is a new breed of content delivery networks (CDNs) due to is partnership with Tata Communications. Although acquired by Tata in January 2011, BitGravity remains a successful brand due to its optimized network for on-demand video delivery and HD live streaming.

Since its founding, the company has broadened their capabilities to support thousands of organizations around the world. These customers use BitGravity products to serve better performing online videos, accelerate websites, and reliably stream events and around-the-clock broadcasts across the Web in Hi-Definition.

Awards and Accolades

Since being established, BitGravity has acquired a variety of awards. The most recent accolades were from Always On, which presented the company with the OnHollywood Top 100 Private Company award in 2008 and 2009. BitGravity was selected from over one thousand United States and international technology firms.
Also, BitGravity was the 2008 winner of the Red Herring Best Startup in North America award, which was selected on the basis of technology innovation, breadth of partners and customers, quality of management and depth of financial backing. Furthermore, the company acquired the DEMOgod 2008 award.

In 2007, BitGravity was presented with the Best New Service and the OnHollywood Top 100 Private Company award. Also, it was a finalist for the Red Herring 100 North America Awards. BitGravity was given the Best New Service award for its successful deployment of a market-leading service utilizing next-generation technology.

Advantages of BitGravity

Many competing CDNs were founded several years ago and therefore have outdated network architecture that results in high latency, high packet loss and slower connections. BitGravity has analyzed these networks and addressed those challenges to ensure content owners are satisfied. Therefore, the company has several advantages compared to the competition which include:

• World’s largest Tier 1 Reach Network
• Around-the-clock customer service
• Flexible architecture
• Unsurpassed value

World’s Largest Tier 1 Reach Network

BitGravity owns and operates the world’s largest Tier 1 network, which indicates the company has a relationship with every other Tier 1 carrier. Also, more connections into more countries are available through BitGravity than any other carrier. Additionally, the company boasts many peer relationships and dedicated routes between data centers. This combination results in the most direct connections between content and end-users.

Around-the-Clock Customer Service

With customer service available at any time of the day, any day of the week via email and telephone, clients can rest assured they will communicate with a knowledgeable support staff for no additional cost. In the networking industry, it is critical to have a high-level of customer service to ensure clients remain online at all times.

Flexible Architecture

BitGravity delivers flexible architecture and top-notch performance to its customers. The company allows clients the flexibility of selecting how they store their content and how it is delivered to the end-user. Therefore, they have the option of completely optimizing connectivity and distribution.

Unsurpassed Value

Finally, since BitGravity owns and operates the world’s largest Tier 1 network, it has many cost advantages compared to the standard pure-play CDN found with the competition. BitGravity provides the flexibility of storage, several delivery choices, the highest level of performance and total customer service results in the best value of any CDN available in the market.

Products and Services

BitGravity offers several types of products to improve business including:

• BitGravity Video Delivery
• BitGravity Video Director
• BitGravity Website Acceleration
• BitGravity Live

BitGravity Video Delivery

BitGravity Video Delivery allows for on-demand video access from across the globe on the world’s largest Tier 1 network, which provides unsurpassed scalability, performance, reliability and security. Customers are able to view videos without the interference that causes jittery displays.

BitGravity Video Director

The Video Director feature is one of the only comprehensive, integrated solutions for the delivery and management of videos. This service, coupled with the excellent BitGravity network, results in an amazing solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

BitGravity Website Acceleration

With the BitGravity Website Acceleration solution, businesses will be able to speed their website’s performance with the delivery and storage of content on the edge servers of the network.

BitGravity Live

As a Flash-based streaming service, BitGravity Live is scalable, fault tolerant and extremely affordable for businesses of all sizes. Since Flash video files are typically light in size, they can quickly be transferred and easily stored.

With a focus on streaming video content across the Internet, BitGravity has entered a niche CDN marketplace. Tata Communications has kept them as an independent brand due to their innovation, performance and client loyalty.

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  1. Gerardo

    We have been working with Bitgravity since 2013. At the begining was working fine. Since Tata Communications bought it has become a nightmare. Errors during live streaming, no customer support, no mail response for weeks or months. They only want your money without a good service. There are many others good options where to choose on the market


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