Cached Content versus Non-Cached Content

With more users accessing resource-intensive website than ever before, networks must deliver that information quickly, efficiently and with as few issues as possible. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have that ability by placing nodes with many servers in high-traffic areas of … Continued

What You Truly Need From a CDN

Whether you’re a small business owner, a corporate web master, or the leader of a multi-million dollar institution, it’s likely that—at some point during your tenure as head of the Internet front-end for your business—you’ll need a content delivery network. … Continued

Current Content Delivery Network Market

Content delivery networks have seen tremendous growth since their conception. As technology improves, demand is increasing and the cost is slowly decreasing. Also, with growing traffic on the Internet from across the world, content inherently needed to be consolidated into … Continued

Technology of Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) utilize advanced technology that can be difficult to understand for those that are not technically savvy. For those considering adopting a CDN to effectively distribute their content, it is important to understand exactly how the infrastructure … Continued

The Future of Content Delivery Networks

Although Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) offer many advantages, there is always an opportunity for continuous improvement. As the needs of businesses and individuals continuously evolve, so do the systems that provide information and data. As a result, there are many … Continued

The History of Content Delivery Networks

The Internet is constantly changing as a mechanism for managing, sharing, creating and delivering different types of content and services. This gave way to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) which is a collection of network elements that span the globe and … Continued

An Overview of Federated CDNs

Founded June 2011 by a group of Telecommunication Service Providers (TSPs), the Operator Carrier Exchange (OCX) connects their networks in an effort to compete directly against traditional CDN’s which boasts an extensive number of points of presence (POPs) globally. By … Continued

The Future of Telco Content Delivery Networks

With the emergence and growing popularity of online streaming video, broadband providers have invested a large amount of capital to meet the demand and retain subscribers by delivering a positive experience. As a result, telecommunications service providers (TSP) have begun … Continued

BitGravity Review

Founded in Burlingame, California in 2006, BitGravity is a new breed of content delivery networks (CDNs) due to is partnership with Tata Communications. Although acquired by Tata in January 2011, BitGravity remains a successful brand due to its optimized network … Continued