AT&T Review

Build A Better Business Network With AT&T

In the world of business content delivery, a network provider that’s willing to work uniquely with each and every consumer to deliver the utmost in security, stability, and speed is hard to find. Even with so many budget options available on the market, finding the right fit for your corporate needs and demands can be a challenging process. So which content delivery network comes standard with the absolute best mix of features, budget pricing, and global presence? In our (expert) opinion, there’s only one provider that should even be considered, and that’s telecommunications giant AT&T.

When looking for an ideal solution for your corporate content delivery and media acceleration needs, AT&T is by and far the best solution for a number of reasons. First and foremost, however, the provider is an ideal candidate because of its sheer quality and size in hardware networking.

As a telecommunications pioneer, AT&T has an immense repository of knowledge and material to draw from. Their expansive net of more than 932,000 miles of fibre-optic cable provide simply the fastest and most reliable connections around. This cable network spans the globe over and comes with the company’s quality guarantee, as it’s been hammered and refined over the years to better AT&T’s already massive telecommunications demands. If you’re looking for a reliable way to deliver content anywhere in the world, why not piggyback off AT&T’s extensive efforts to improve their own hardware? To us, it’s a no-brainer!

Better yet, though, this network of cables also comes attached to nearly 4,000 service nodes and 38 Internet data centers. These points-of-presence are placed strategically in 163 different countries, each engineered to provide the fastest delivery for each and every content request. All in all, the edge network used by AT&T combines the best of industry-leading hardware with raw server power.

This is best seen in the company’s unique dedication to HD video streaming. Because of the quality of the fibre-optic line in use by AT&T, the provider is capable of providing an unparalleled streaming experience. Their line ensures the absolute highest definition of any streaming-enabled content delivery network, as well as the most secure connection, regardless of the request’s origin. This excellence in streaming also translates to other media formats, as well. If you’re in need of a rapid and reliable way to share high-load content with the world, AT&T’s expansive network is by and large the best solution for your distribution problem.

This is made possible in part because of the company’s Intelligent Content Distribution Service. This software set has been engineered to quickly and efficiently route each and every DNS request it encounters, effortlessly steering the end-user to the server nearest to their location. This sophisticated system ensures your consumers receive your media faster than through traditional hosting methods, and with the maximum in end quality.

AT&T’s software standards can also be seen in their industry-leading analytical tools. Each and every CDN account made with the company comes stock with an above-average suite of online storage and use tracking tools. These software pieces are designed to educate the user about their peak hours, locations, and overall demands, helping the concerned manager refine and improve their Web market strategy.

The provider is the ideal solution for the business user for another reason, however: AT&T provides a service unique to its network titled the Private Content Distribution Service. This functionality allows corporations to create and manage private content networks that deal strictly with the business’s media. This content takes full advantage of the previously mentioned edge network, but is kept behind a secure Firewall connection, maximizing security. In this way, large corporations can deliver and manage their private content the world over without having to worry about security or reliability.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for an ideal solution to your global web needs, especially with a business in mind, AT&T is by and large the only provider you should be considering. The company offers an unprecedented set of features combined with quality scalability and pricing schemes.

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