Akamai Review

Founded in 1998 by MIT graduate students, Akamai Technologies is an Internet content delivery network (CDN) that provides service to organizations that generate and publish content. Since its founding, the revenue at Akamai has grown at a compounded annual growth rate of over 32 percent, with only a 26 percent operating margin. Also, the company has significantly expanded its customer base, with 28 percent originating outside of the United States in 2009.

The Akamai CDN efficiently deliveries content to those browsing and downloading from the Internet. This is accomplished by mirroring content from a centralized server and placing it at strategic servers located around the world. In many instances, the network mirrors all site content, including software downloads, audio, graphics, animation, video, HTML and CSS, depending on the popularity of the website.

Akamai CDN Customers

Akamai provides services from over 100,000 servers in greater than 1,000 networks from 90 countries. With over 4,000 customers, Akamai delivers robust services to some of the best-known companies in the world, including Adobe, Apple, Audi, BMW Japan, FedEx, Fujitsu, IBM Corporation, MySpace, Nintendo, Sony Ericsson, U.S. Geographical Survey and Yahoo!

These 4,000 customers are from a variety of industries, including media and entertainment, business services, financial services, gaming, hotel and travel, insurance, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing and automotive, the public sector, retail and consumer goods and software and technology. Therefore, the Akamai CDN is clearly compatible with any customer from any industry.

Advantages of the Akamai CDN

On any given website that uses the Akamai CDN, the domain name will remain the same, but will point to an Akamai server rather than the client’s server. The closest server is automatically detected depending on the content type and user’s network location. Therefore, users can receive content from whichever server is closest to them or has the best connection, resulting in quicker download times and a decrease in vulnerability related to network congestion.

Also, through content caching technology, Akamai delivers acceleration services of dynamic and customized content. Additionally, the network supports J2EE-compliant applications and streaming media, all of which frame a localized perspective.

One of Akamai’s greatest advantages is their unique “EdgeControl,” which is a web-based client portal that delivers the insights and tools to manage an online business. EdgeControl allows users to conduct these tasks over the CDN from an easy-to-use, centralized interface. Furthermore, Akamai maintains a continuous view over their network through the Network Operations Command Center, which ensures any issues are quickly resolved and operations are working well.

Products and Services

Akamai offers a variety of enterprise-grade solutions, including Akamai application performance solutions, Akamai dynamic site solutions, Akamai security and compliance solutions, Akamai advertising solutions, Akamai HD video solutions and Akamai software and games delivery. The company’s application performance products consist of a Web Application Accelerator, IP Application Accelerator and Site Analyzer.

Dynamic site offerings include the Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA) and the DSA Enterprise edition. Security and compliance services consist of DDoS Defense, Edge Tokenization and Web Application Firewall. Also, the Akamai Security Portfolio is available for viewing.

Advertising solutions include ADS Predictive Segments and ADS Descriptive Segments. HD video products consist of Akamai HD Network, Akamai Media Analytics, Akamai Media Delivery and Stream Analyzer. The software and games delivery solutions only consist of the electronic software delivery feature.

Intelligent Internet Platform

Akamai’s Intelligent Internet Platform is the optimal choice for online businesses of any size. The infrastructure will simplify business through an outsourced infrastructure and complexity. Also, the service ensures consistent performance, including quality, speed, availability and reliability.

Additionally, the platform delivers real-time global data, which is an invaluable asset to any organization. Furthermore, the software protects critical information with several layers of robust security to ensure customer data is guarded to the highest level. Finally, the network is instantly scalable and compliant to ensure businesses remain up to par with the changing face of the Internet.

Akamai is one of the leading CDN’s available on the market. The company has gained so much trust that it boasts over 4,000 customers around the world across a variety of industries. With billions of webs transactions for companies large and small, Akamai is powering new business models that serve the complicated and changing online environment.

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    We recently switched from Akamai with WAF to a Incapsula with WAF. What a difference. We use Site24x7 to monitor site performance and saw no difference in site response times, but we are saving thousands of dollars.


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